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Welcome bonuses are a casino’s way of attracting new players. You will most often receive a deposit bonus, which is sometimes accompanied by a bunch of free spins. It is a welcome bonus that often determines whether or not to try a casino. In our guide, we will go through what a welcome bonus can contain and where to find the gold.

Also, the welcome bonus is sometimes called a signup bonus, which is the offer that is usually the most attractive. They are designed to attract new players and are often more attractive than loyalty bonuses. The welcome bonus is always very enticing, and that is why you have to be careful when going through these.

The Casinos will try to get you overwhelmed with significant and impressive ‘bonuses,’ so you need to read the terms carefully. The Casinos want you to play with them, but they do not want to go broke by giving you lots of free money.

Casinos with Welcome Bonuses!
200% Bonus
4.5 rating
Hello Casino
100% Bonus
50 Free spins
4.5 rating
21Prive Casino
100% Bonus
60 Free Spins
4.3 rating
Gday Casino
50 Free Spins
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100% Bonus
100 Free Spins
4.0 rating

Popular with Bonus

Welcome bonuses are an online casino’s absolute most meaningful marketing product. They always try to beat each other in having the best and coolest gifts to attract new players. 

Everyone wants to be on top, so they always make sure they have a great offer ready. Some new casino tries on a whole new type of offer, but the welcome bonuses usually look about the same. You typically get a deposit bonus in the style of 100% up to €100 with some free spins.

  • First deposit

You can take advantage of this offer at your first deposit. Often you also get several free spins to play in a selected casino game. Sometimes you even get to choose games yourself. The most common is the give free spins on well-known games, such as Starburst.

When you get a deposit bonus, it’s good to keep in mind that it comes with different wagering requirements. In some cases, that’s not the case. These sites are referred to as a no wagering casino. Wich means the bonus doesn’t have any wagering requirements. 

This means you can withdraw your winnings without having to wager it. For example, there are casinos where all free spins are free of wagering requirements. So you always benefit from your free spins, even when they are part of a welcome bonus.

  • First Experience

A welcome bonus is thus your first experience of an online casino. This is often the reason why you sign up, as it often creates interest. Online casinos usually try a few different bonuses to see what attracts the most players. 

Sometimes as a player, you get to choose from a few different options. For example, it can be a bonus with many spins and one with a high percentage. Sometimes you can get up to €5000 in bonus money from a single welcome bonus! Most often, it is then divided into four or five different deposit bonuses with different percentages. 

Some casinos have dived the bonuses. Like, some of their welcome packages that are entirely wagering free and some are not. For example, you might receive free spins directly upon registration or get free money at your first deposit. As mentioned, free welcome bonuses are usually free spins, but some casinos have very generous welcome bonuses.

What is a deposit bonus?

Deposit bonuses are the most common type of bonus, perhaps also the most profitable for the player. In short, it means that the player deposits a sum of money to be offered a reward. The deposit bonus that is distributed is a fixed percentage of the deposit you make, usually between 25% -300% of the deposit. 

The bonus amount also has a maximum predetermined bonus amount that can be distributed. If you are offered a deposit bonus of 200% up to a maximum of €200, the maximum deposit you can make is €200 (If you want to receive the bonus). You can, of course, make a deposit on, let’s say €500 – but you will still only receive €200 in bonus.

Withdraw a bonus

The bonus is usually covered by a wagering requirement. This means that you cannot withdraw your bonus money until you have fulfilled the wagering requirement. Your deposited money will, in some cases, also be locked together with your bonus money. 

In other cases, you can always choose to withdraw your own deposited money. However, your bonus money is then lost along with the profits you made from these. Therefore, you should always read the rules before you sign up with a welcome bonus.

You will almost always need to confirm a welcome bonus when you sign up, but this does not apply to all offers. In some cases, you can register and wait with a welcome bonus until you make your first deposit. 

Before obtaining the bonus, you should review the terms and conditions for that particular bonus. This is done to see if it is really worth taking part in the gift. 

Some casinos require that you make your first deposit the same day you register, and some are a little more flexible, so be sure to read through the terms, so you don’t lose your welcome bonus altogether.

How do I play with the casino bonus online?

First and foremost, most bonuses with free spins for example only work on some chosen and specific games. As we mentioned before, this is called Starburst casino. Also, other games are accessible for free spins, like Book of dead.

The regular welcome bonus usually only works on slots and scratch cards. Many times, live casino games and table games are exempt, but you can choose your bonus at some casinos and then base your choice on what type of game you like. When it comes to jackpot games, you usually can’t play for bonus money on these, but it can vary.

What does a typical casino bonus look like?

Getting a casino bonus always feels nice, and it also gives a slightly longer playing time. There are many different types of bonuses online. Today it is quite familiar with a special bonus for live casinos. Perhaps the most common is the casino bonus and the odds bonus. 

However, it is not only the use of different games that differentiates them, but they can be designed in various ways purely mathematically. The most common thing is that you get a so-called match bonus. This type of bonus is common as a welcome bonus and is stated as a percentage.

Another common offer is combination bonuses. Here you get a certain amount of “bonus money” and several spins on the same deposit. This is a popular offer for those who want to try a new casino. Remember to always look at the rules and conditions. The wagering requirement may differ and vary depending on whether it relates to bonuses or spins.

Bonuses without wagering requirements

Something that has become very popular lately is bonuses with no wagering requirements. These are bonuses that avoid everything that has to do with wagering requirements and hidden terms; instead, you can play and withdraw the money when you feel like it. These bonuses are played first with their own money and then with the casino’s money. 

The difference between these bonuses and regular bonuses is that you can never withdraw the bonus amount, but there is only a kind of lifeline where you get an extra chance to win yourself again in case it goes badly.

If you win money, just a few spins after you take on the bonus, you can withdraw the money immediately if you want, instead of sitting and trading several thousands of dollars that you would otherwise have had to make with a regular bonus. You can read more about how these bonuses work and the pros and cons of both bonus forms under the casino bonus with no wagering requirements. 

What is a Good Casino Bonus?

Many ask themselves what the best casino bonus is and which one actually gives the highest chance of profit. Today there are lots of different deposit bonuses in various forms to attract new casino players; it can seem promising to register if you get a big bonus of as much as 500% in connection with their first deposit or up to a total of €4000 in matching bonus. 

But the most important thing to think about and check out before taking a new bonus is always the conditions. Remember – the biggest does not always have to be the best. 

Most often, the wagering requirements become much greater than the bonus you take, and there can often be other hidden conditions. An example is that there are sometimes maximum withdrawals on the bonus or that you are not allowed to play a large part of the games in their range of games. 

Read the terms

We strongly recommend that you read through all the terms and conditions before deciding which bonus you want. If they are also a new player, it is usually easier to just take a regular match bonus instead of testing on other bonus forms such as non- turnover bonus or no sticky bonus & parachute bonus which may seem complicated for a beginner. Also, remember that the casino must have a licence in your country.

Many people wonder how turnover works when they accept new bonuses. 

Wagering requirements are a certain amount of money that you must bet on before you can withdraw the bonus amount you received. If you deposit €100with a 100% bonus, then you get €100 from the casino, say that the casino has 25 times turnover on the bonus sum, and you should turn 100 * 25, i.e. €2500. 

Different games count differently to the turnover, it is essential to check out the terms of the casino you are playing at, but slots usually count 100% against the turnover while Live Casino and the like only count 10-20 %. 

Also, be sure to check if certain games are not allowed to play on the bonus you have accepted; for example, in some casinos, you may not play jackpot games or some very volatile games and get rid of the whole reward. 

Most casinos also have a maximum bet limit of €6 per spin or 10% of the total bonus amount; if you bet higher than this, you also have the chance to get rid of your bonus. We strongly recommend that you go in and read the bonus terms before accepting a new casino bonus. If you want to learn more about wagering requirements on bonuses, we have written more about it under wagering requirements.



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