Bomb Goes Off at Luxor Casino in Las Vegas

It has been announced that a bomb went off this morning in the parking garage of the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas. One man is dead, and another was taken to the hospital to receive medical attention.
Shortly after 4 a.m. this morning, a man found a backpack atop of his car in the Luxor’s parking garage. Upon removal of this backpack, it exploded.

There has not been any information released about who the deceased is, or who the other person was with him. There has also not been any information released about what type of explosive device was used, or if there was any apparent motive for the crime.

Currently, the rest of the Luxor’s parking garage is being searched for any more explosive devises. Las Vegas visitors are being advised to call the police if they find any suspicious packages around the city.

Due to the amount of alcohol consumption in Las Vegas, police warnings sometimes cause more hysteria then it is worth. There have been multiple occurrences when Las Vegas visitors have been warned about a situation, only to have the 911 phone lines be clogged by drunk partiers who either think that a false report would be funny, or by drunk visitors who think that they see something of interest to a particular case.


The explosion was heard all around the second floor of the parking garage. Police have sent up aerial surveillance to assess any damage to the parking structure. According to this investigation, and investigation that was done on the inside of the structure, police have determined that the parking garage is currently safe for traffic.

There has not been any word from the police, or the security staff at the Luxor as to if there had been any threats of violence against the victims, or against the casino. There are thousands of people that walk out of casinos broke everyday in Las Vegas. There are multiple threats that are made against casinos by angry former patrons.

The Luxor’s security staff is working with the Las Vegas Police Department to try and find anything that could lead to an arrest in this case. As is customary, the city of Las Vegas is currently filled with eager visitors

The Luxor is the pyramid-shaped, Egyptian-style casino that is located near the bottom of the Las Vegas Strip. It is known for having one of the best-trained security staffs in all of the city of Las Vegas.

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